Juried Work

Demetra Theofanous & Dean Bensen - USA

Unbroken Hands of the Vine

50 x 49 x 5.25     Description: Grape leaves - Latin name: Vitis Vinifera. We cast this piece from actual grape leaves, harvested from the Santa Cruz Mountains, at various stages of their growth cycle. We captured Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon leaves as they were going through color transitions in the fall.

Statement: We are a collaborative team of glass sculptors that utilize nature as a vehicle to communicate environmental challenges, and metaphors for the human experience. Our work connects the viewer with the story of the natural world, and instills an appreciation for its’ interconnectedness to humankind, and its’ inherent fragility.

Our work utilizes natural forms as a vocabulary to express our emotional landscapes within, that tie us inextricably to a sense of place, regardless of where our journey takes us. The passage of time, and the connection between memory, our environment, and the formation of our identity are some of the themes we explore.

Our decaying leaf installations express our impermanence and vulnerability, while underlining our interdependence on one another and the environment. What we do has impact – often unforeseen and unmeasured – on our lives, those around us, and the earth. We utilized the leaves along the grapevine as a metaphor for connection, which was particularly meaningful to us during the current environment, where the pandemic has kept us so isolated. While the separation has been difficult, there is an unbroken bond that withstands time.