Juried Work

Kait Rhoads - USA


9 x 8 x 4  

This sculpture is woven together with copper wire, connecting slices of glass tubing or hollow murrine.  It is comprised of mixed grey, black and white hollow murrine with merlettoed spiral wraps along with Labradorite, freshwater pearls, faceted crystal (egg case spirals), metal and glass beads (diatoms and tentacles).  


I picture a cephalopod’s life under the waves, learning to control its buoyancy – having a hard shell that keeps predators away and a long reach with its arms. An aged cephalopod’s life would lead to gaining encrustation upon its shell, so I have bejeweled the shell with egg cases and diatoms.  This is to combat my sadness of the accelerated extinction event that we are now experiencing on our planet.