Juried Work

Lilla Tabasso - Italy


20.86 x 29.52 x 26.77     Clod: painted plaster and covered by little pieces of ivory glass,brown glass and at the end with brown and grey glass powder.

Lavender and yellow flowers, grass,roots and leaves are in Murano glass.

My series of clods is inspired by the celebrated paintings of the German artist Albrecht Dürer, now conserved at the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

Apart from the technical difficulties presented in the creation of these works, I wanted to illustrate our visceral need to get in touch directly with nature, a task made ever more difficult by our frenetic and chaotic 21st century lifestyles.

Thinking about these challenging times we are experiencing has made me reflect through my work; how much are we affected by the forced separations from our roots, affections, habits and regular lives?               

How do you manage to fill the gaps created by separation?

Difficult and painful questions, yet so normal in nature, where the cycles are infinite ...