Juried Work

Victor Trabucco - USA

Rosa Canina (Wild Rose)

4 x 12 x 8 inches   Blaschka inspired glass flower, Wild Rose Blossom and fall fruit Rose Hips. Glass, copper, Lampwork and lamination

Rosa Canina (Wild Rose) sculpture is a Blaschka inspired glass flower. Using techniques that were  outlined in the publications of the Blaschkas. It was created with glass leaves, glass petals, enamels,
copper wire, lampwork and lamination. Only using techniques that would have been available to them. 

Rosa Canina belongs to the family of Rosaceae, it is native to Europe, North Africa, Southwestern Asia and is probably the easiest wild rose to care for. The botanical name is Rosa Canina, also has many common names Dog Rose, Bird Briar, Cankerberry, Dog Briar, and Common Brier.

Rosa Canina is a strong and fast-growing shrub and can grow from 3-15 feet tall. In late spring to midsummer it blooms light pink, five petal flowers with many stamens. The flowers are then followed by bright red fruits that can stay on the shrub for several months.

Rosa Canina has medicinal uses which early health practitioners used. The roots, blooms, and hips of this wild rose were used to treat a wide range of illnesses.