Juried Work

Atsuko Amino - Japan

Goldfish Carassius auratus auratus

Lampwork softglass Gold leaf silver leaf
Dimensions (h2.35 w3.3 d2.15)× 2

As you probably know well, there are beautiful goldfish of various colors and shapes in Japan. People love them as a familiar creature.
I have been raising them since I was a child. I really love to see the appearance of swinging long and fluttering tail. Their swimming style are really cute.

Fascinated by the beauty of this fish mutated from crucian carp, I am devoting myself to make them from glass. In my glass art works I am focusing to make one specific type of goldfish called Ryukin in Japanese. I made it with the image of "Carico-ryukin" and "Sakura-ryukin".

"Carico-ryukin" has various colors and patterns as shown on the left of the biological photograph. "Sakura-ryukin" has red pigment in different layers under the scales. It has the characteristic that red becomes a gradation then changed to a soft red-white pattern.
Goldfish can grow up to 12 inches (30 cm), however my works represent a young growing goldfish which are born in spring and spent summer to autumn. Goldfish are always with their companions.
My works are also swimming together with their beautiful swaying tails.

I love them. I hope you love them too.