Submitted Work

Sandy Dukeshire - USA


7.5 x 5 x 5     Crocus Tommasinianus (or Tommies) are the inspiration for this years Life Form entry. They are often the first variety to emerge in early spring, signaling the onslaught of growth about to burst forth. After Winters Hibernation everyone delights in a landscape lined with dots of purple. Impatient Gardeners have been seen dashing thru a chilly yard to retrieve a worn and dusty dish from a winter shed, packing it with spring bulbs, topping with marbles for weight, and finally adding water before placing on a windowsill.

“Forced” is meant to invoke feelings of home along with hope for the future. The flower and leaf components are recent solid sculpted pieces made from soft glass specifically for this project. The bowl and marbles were invited to this project exactly as described above. After that I took complete Artistic License, and in the Spirit of Rudolf and Leopold Blaschka, incorporated wire, resin, paint, glass powder and even a Post-it Note to achieve what you see here.