Submitted Work

Ellen Abbott - USA

Anole with 10 petal anemone

1.75 x 5.75 x 5     My small sculptural work is based mostly on what's flowering in my garden at the time. The 10 petal anemone is one of the first early spring wildflowers to appear in my yard and the green anoles have always been a favorite little dinosaur. Most of the anemones are white but there is an infrequent purple variety and an even rarer pink. This piece was made by the lost wax pate de verre kiln cast process with each piece starting as a wax model that I sculpt. A plaster/silica mold is made and the wax is melted out. I make a 'paste' with powders and frit and a gum arabic binder and selectively place the colored pastes in the mold. When all of the glass is in it goes in the kiln. After the 3 - 5 day firing schedule, the mold is broken away, the piece is washed and polished.