Submitted Work

Jennifer Jason Caldwell Chakravarty - USA

Half Empty (Until Further Notice)

13 x 13 x 2     The title Half Empty (Until Further Notice) was realized on a drive from our home in WA enroute to Aspen. Many of our concepts are formulated and our titles produced while driving long distances. The idea of half empty or half full is a rhetorical notion that ties into an individual's perception of quite literally anything. Although often, we do not always acknowledge or consider the weight of it. The title aligns with our consideration as collaborative creators and specifically the porthole series being our first. The octopus is flame worked and highlights Jennifer's mastery of the sculpting process while romanticizing features that breathe life into each sculpture. The porthole was hot cast in a glass blowing studio then extensively cold worked unfolding the layers of color to reveal an intimate portrait isolated and magnified.