Submitted Work

Simone Crestani - Italy

Glass Bonsai

53 x 45 x 37     Borosilicate Glass Flameworked.

While my hands were still becoming familiar with the art of glass working, my thoughts were already putting down roots and binding me to this material forever.

Solid bases, branches that grow and seek the light: the first projects were still only inside my head and already had the form of a bonsai.
The bonsai is the symbol of my work; it is the art of giving form, with respect and full understanding of what I am taking care of.

The bonsai is a concentration of life, it overcomes the barrier of size and expresses strength and energy; it is a work of art that is never finished, in which nature continues to develop and evolve.

I shape the material, but the end result has an identity of its own. I help it to grow and wait until it gives me an indication of the equilibrium that will allow it to express itself.

With the bonsai I am always ready to start work again, to reach a new limit, to follow a new branch of thoughts.
It is my work that grows, slowly, with exertion and wisdom, and each day gives me life and emotions.