Eligibility and Rules

Models must be of scientifically recognized species. No fantasy or alien lifeforms, please. They must be rendered as accurately as possible, but artistic presentation and creative contexts are encouraged.

Every entry must bear both the Latin and the common name of the species portrayed, the name of the artist, and the techniques(s) involved in the making.

Every entry must be accompanied by a scientific illustration or photograph of the organism being represented.

Every model must be composed primarily of glass (60% or more) although other materials may be used as necessary.

Models may not exceed 127 centimeters or 50 inches in any dimension. No exceptions.

Entries are limited to only one model per artist or collaborative team.

Entries may have both zoological and botanical elements in them. Models will be judged strictly on their accuracy, aesthetic beauty, presentation, and originality.

When submitting your work in Artcall, please attach up to 3 images of the work you are submitting and one image of a scientific illustration or photograph of the organism being represented. Entry fee is $40.00.

The "open" part of the show will be online only using images supplied by the participating artist. This part of the show will not be juried. Every submission that follows the guidelines will be includedhe online exhibition.

The "juried" part of the show will be selected from the "open" show entries. The jurying will happen in November and the notifications of selections will be sent out by December 1 2024.

Every juried entry must be delivered to the Pittsburgh Glass Center no later than January 17, either in person or by shipping company, in a safe, secure container that can be used after the event for transport. Transportation to the Pittsburgh Glass Center for juried entries will be the sole responsibility of the artist. The Pittsburgh Glass Center will be responsible for return shipping to the artist once the show is complete.

Works may be offered for sale.

The administrators of Glass Lifeform may reject or remove any entries that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, or that break the rules, without notice.

These rules may be revised at any time by the "Glass Lifeform" planners.

Open Call is between June1st and November1st, 2024

More information coming soon